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                  Lead frame plating equipment
                  News Source:   2015-01-28 16:20:27

                  The pre - lead frame electroplating production line is widely used in the selection of lead frames for integrated circuits, such as high-speed silver plating, nickel plating and Du Xiqian process. According to the type of lead frame, the production line can be divided into sheet type electroplating line and roll to roll type electroplating line. According to different plating position control methods, the production line can be divided into hot-dip galvanizing, wheel plating and press plate type spraying. The plating zone is accurate, the coating is even and fine, and the coating thickness is consistent. The production line is up to 12 channels at the same time.
                        High speed tin automatic production line is used for the full tin production of the outer pin of the very large scale integrated circuit package, and the automatic control and closed production of the whole circuit can satisfy the electroplating production of various high-end integrated circuits. The production line to solve the QFN and LQFP integrated circuit package and pin tin production line of automatic feeding, bath anode shielding, off key problems of material protection, breaking the QFN line against unilateral sheet bending technology, improve the anode shielding thickness uniformity of coating technology, provides a good guarantee for the production of large-scale production enterprises.

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