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                  Home >> News >> Lead frame enterprises face multiple challenges
                  Lead frame enterprises face multiple challenges
                  News Source:   2015-01-28 16:20:27

                    On the international market, and lead frame materials mainly from Japan, South Korea, Germany supply, mainly high conductivity, high strength and high conductivity, conductive Gao Qiangzhong three alloy series: series of high conductivity and strength of 400MPa-450MPa, the conductivity of conductive 80%-85%IACS series high strength; strength of 450MPa-550MPa, the conductivity of 55%-65%IACS; the tensile strength of high strength and high conductivity series of above 600Mpa, the conductivity is greater than 80%IACS.
                        In China, compared with the IC package lead frame copper alloy with similar foreign products, production of varieties and specifications, performance is not stable, the rate of finished products in 40% ~ 50% copper (overseas in 75% above), a series of problems such as the small scale of industrialization, in the plate, residual stress, surface smoothness, edge Department of burr, width and thickness tolerance deviation, appearance requirements and other aspects of the lack of qualified. There is a big gap with foreign products. It is predicted that the price of semiconductor material will continue to rise in 2006 and some of the materials are in short supply. The above phenomena will influence the development of lead frame market to a certain extent. In the Chinese market, most of the leading enterprises are emerging enterprises, with more new employees and higher quality costs.
                        In addition, the product price is low, the profit margin is few, the back payment is slow, causes the fund turnover to be slow, from the fund has restricted the frame profession technical promotion and the scale development. Copper prices continue to rise, resulting in high costs, hindering the sustainable development of the framework industry.
                        At present, the overall production scale of the framework industry is small, and the overall technical level and product grade are still larger than those of developed countries, and the investment scale and R & D level of the industry are low.

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