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                  Contact Us

                  Wuxi Chang Tong Sensitive Electric Appliance Factory
                  Contact:Wei Zhang
                  Add:Nanlian Village, Yuqi Street, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.

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                  About Us

                    Wuxi Changtong Sensitive Electric Appliance Factory is in the Yuqi Town of Wuxi city, located at the side of Lake Taihu in Yangtze Delta,the "well-known town of watery region" .It is also in the crossing junction of the cities of Wuxi,Jiangyin,and Changzhou of Jiangsu,as well as located at the entrance of Yuqi of Shanghai-Nanjing freeway,that is the developed area of traffic,culture and economy in local.
                  Changtong Company has been engaged in the trade of lead frame for many years and the monthly production capacity has reached 50,000,000 sets. Up to now, the company has precision mode processing equipment, various electro-plate production line, and high-speed precision impulsive lathe, high precision inspection equipment, which can ensure the manufacturing of precision products. The application of new technology, the improvement of process has laid the foundation for gaining high quality and high precision of products~ The quality management personnel and professional technical personnel have offered the prerequisite for the full-aspects development of the company.
                  With the best management,highest quality,lowest cost,most up-to-date technology and fastest service,the products such as plastic-sealed triode lead frame of the compny has been highly evaluated by our customers,New customers and old customers are welcomed to go forward to create brilliance with our company hand in hand.


                  • Add:Nanlian Village, Yuqi Street, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. Code:214183
                    Tel:0510-83889929 Fax:0510-83882688 Contact:Wei Zhang
                    Website:www.namuddalgi.com E-mail:zhangwei3889929@163.com
                  • Copyright:Wuxi Chang Tong
                    Sensitive Electric Appliance Factory
                    All rights reserved.